Mr. Sardar Al-Bebany Visits Japan

In October of 2019, Mr. Sardar Al-Bebany (Chairman and CEO of Sardar Group) and Mr. Shamal Al-Bebany (Board Member of Sardar Group) visited Japan.

During their trip, Mr. Sardar and Mr. Shamal participated in series of meetings with our stakeholders such as, Toyota Motor Corporation, Hino Motors, Sumitomo Corporation, The National federation of Agricultural Co-Operative Association (Zen-No) and much more. During the meetings with the high level executives of each companies, we as Sardar Group were able to further deepen our understanding and strengthen our relationships with our counterparts.

Also, during the visit to Japan, Mr. Sardar and Mr. Shamal were able to experience the Japanese traditional atmosphere of the historical Enthronement Ceremony of Japanese Emperor Naruhito. Mr. Sardar and Mr. Shamal also visited the Tokyo Motor Show and saw firsthand many new concepts of integrating society with automobiles and also had the chance to see a wide range of new products of automobiles, new technologies, and many futuristic mobility concepts.

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