Be Hawta First


In 2013, as part of its quest to expand, Polaris awarded Be-Hawta (a Sardar Group subsidiary) the exclusive right of distribution of Polaris products in the entire Republic of Iraq. Be-Hawta achieved success over the past two and half years in the marketing of Polaris products, which is a remarkable good start, given that Polaris products are quite new to the Iraqi market which is witnessing such products for the first time.
Be-Hawta’s (Polaris Iraq) constant concern on adhering to the confidence and satisfaction of its customers as they constitute the center of its interest; in addition to Be-Hawta’s response to the request of the customers actually comes from Sardar Group’s approach and policies aimed at achieving the qualitative performance of the international standards based business and the harmony with the need of the Iraqi market to actively provide the market with the best international industries.




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