Participation of Baghdad International Fair (BIF) 2016,2017

Participation of Baghdad International Fair (BIF) 2016,2017
Baghdad International Fair is one of the world’s recognized exhibitions, which is held annually in Iraq. The exhibition is attended by many of the local and international leading companies that display and explain about their products for many of Iraqi visitors. It is important for brand like TOTO sanitary ware and crucial to participate in such events to introduce their products to the public so they can get familiar with the new technologies proposed in the main product lines such as “Washlet“. It’s important to mention that last year participation received a positive feedback from the public, especially among elderly, injured and handicapped individuals, who were impressed by the possibilities of the product and the solutions that it provides to make their daily life easier, In 2017 as well, Sardar Group, the official and exclusive distributor of TOTO products in Iraq will participate BIF to widely explain about the products of TOTO to the Iraqi citizens in order to accomplish their vision of contributing to Iraqi society by improving the situation of sanitary standard in Iraq through introducing the most advanced Japanese technology and concepts.
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